[Android] Data transfer procedure when changing devices


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If you have changed your device and want to transfer your old device's "My Collection" data and purchase data to the new device, you can transfer data by following the steps below.

You will need data migration in situations like these:

  • You have changed your device, but the widgets you purchased show "This widget is only for purchasers" or "This widget is only for premium members"

  • You have changed your device, but you want to set your previous widgets and home screens again

  • Even after changing devices, you want to use purchased templates, custom-made widgets and icons, and templates


  • The old device you used before

  • New device

  • Gmail account

Migration Steps

  1. Connect to the Internet such as Wi-Fi, and open WidgetClub on the device you used before.

  2. Tap the "Profile" > "Settings ⚙" button and tap "Login".

  3. Log in with your Google account.

(If you have changed your device from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone, please select Google account)

  1. By logging in with your Google account, the data of the old device will be linked to the relevant account.

  2. Next, open WidgetClub on your new device.

  3. Tap the "Profile" > "Settings ⚙" button and tap "Login".

  4. Log in with the same account that you logged in with in STEP 6

  5. You can now see the data from your previous device on your new device!

If you want to restore your Premium Plan status

If you are using the Premium Plan, you can restore your premium membership status by tapping "Restore Purchases" on the "Settings" screen of the WidgetClub app.

If it does not restore, the following may be possible:

① You are not using the Gmail account you used on your previous device

For Android, the billing information for the Premium Plan is linked to the Gmail account. Please log in with the same Gmail account as the old device, download the WidgetClub app with that account, and tap "Restore Purchases".

② You have changed your device from Apple to Google or from Google to Apple

When you change to a different OS, you cannot transfer billing information. (This is the same for all apps with subscription fees, not just WidgetClub🥲) Because billing information is tied to "Google Account" and "Apple ID" respectively, please cancel the subscription on the old device and rejoin the subscription on the new device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I couldn't transfer the data from the previous device when I changed the device 😢 Can I recover the data?

  1. Please contact us from the "Contact Form" on the settings page, entering the email address of the Google account you used when you made the purchase. (Please send the Contact ID as is. Note that if you do not contact us from the app settings page, the Contact ID will not be assigned and we will not be able to recover your account. Therefore, please make sure to contact us from the app settings page)

  2. After applying on the form, we will restore your data. (Since this is done manually, please note that it may take 2-3 days for the process)