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How to make widget on iPhone


You need a dedicated app to customize your home screen in style! This is the definitive version of the dress-up app that has all the dress-up materials!

Check this app

You can make stylish own widgets like this!

Once you've learned how to make widgets, you'll be able to create stylish home screens and widgets like this!

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I also added photo widgets of my favorite artist, and weather information that I often see, it makes my mood great and improved my work efficiency!

After reading this article, you'll be able to make your own stylish widgets like this one! Please do take a look until the end!

How to make a aesthetic widgets for your own

To create your own stylish widgets, we recommend a specialized widget app! Each widget apps have different widget designs, so we recommend that you choose the widget app of your choice.

I, who has used more than 50 domestic and foreign widget apps such as WidgetSmith, Color widget etc., recommends an app called "WidgetClub"!

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WidgetClub offers 75 stylish and useful widgets including clock, date, weather, photo, calendar, reminder, anniversary, countdown widget, and more!

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Preparation in advance

• Please update your OS to the latest version.

How to make your widget for your own

1. Open WidgetCllub app and Tap “Widget”

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2. Select one size from Small, Medium, and Large.

3.Select the feature of the widget you like.

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  • Weather : Displays weather information
  • Memo: It can display any text you like
  • Calendar: Displays the current month's calendar
  • Schedule: Displays appointments fetched data from Apple's calendar
  • Date: Displays today’s date
  • Time: Digital clock (24:00 style)
  • Clock: Stylish clock with long and short hands⏰.
  • Reminder: Displays task information from Apple's Reminders

4.On the widget edit screen and customize the background color, text color, font, and background image to your favorite.

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5.When customization is complete, tap the "Next" button → Tap the "Set Widget" button at the bottom of the share page

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6.Tap the widget setting frame when it appears.

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(You can also tap a widget slot that has already been set to overwrite it! This is a useful feature, so keep it in mind!)

How to add a widget to the home screen

7. Go to the Home screen, press and hold the Home screen until the application shakes → Tap the + button displayed in the upper left corner

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8. Search for and select "WidgetClub

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9.The widgets you have set will be displayed as candidates in the widget setting frame, find the widget you want to set and tap "Add Widget"! and it’s done!

(In this article, we set widget in small #3 widget setting slot, Find Small, #3 widget here)

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Note: There are 20 widget setting slots for each S/M/L size, and the larger size widgets are displayed on the right side. Therefore, you will need to move to the far right to find the Medium and Large size widgets! When moving, it is convenient to use the "..." in the orange frame in the image above to quickly move left or right!

The example of widget design layouts

You can also see the example of widget design layouts here!

With editing background images, you can make your own widget easy and more aesthetic!

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You can also customize full of your home screen with wallpapers, app icons, and widgets!

In WidgetClub, you can also get full of home screen themes!

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