Ultimate tutorial for how-to-use WidgetClub


You need a dedicated app to customize your home screen in style! This is the definitive version of the dress-up app that has all the dress-up materials!

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Important notice to iOS users!

There’s bug on Calendar widget.(Broken calendar widget will be displayed.)

Please update WidgetClub app to the latest version(3.8.0)

Ultimate tutorial for customizing your home screen aesthetic!

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Customizing the home screen is difficult in many ways due to the restrictions imposed by Apple and Android, but we wanted to make it easier for you to enjoy changing your home screen even within these restrictions! We created our app to provide the easiest way to customize home screen ☺️💗 (We tried more than 50 different apps before we created WidgetClub 😂 lol).

Today I would like to introduce the basic usage of WidgetClub so that you can enjoy dress-up your home screen to the maximum 🌷🤍.

How to make your Home Screen aesthetic with WidgetClub

You can change your home screen theme by changing the app icon, widget, and wallpaper!

WidgetClub provides an all-in-one "theme" for all three so that even beginners can easily change their home screen aesthetic 🫶🫧.

We have various kinds of home screen themes, please explore the style you like!

How to apply themes to your home screen?

For iOS(iPhone & iPad)

For Android

How to set up the 🤳 widget

WidgetClub has various kinds of widgets, including a photo widget, weather widget (for Premium members only), calendar widget, reminder widget, schedule widget, countdown&anniversary widget, memo widget!

You can set your favorite design from those posted on WidgetClub. And also you can create your own original widget!

Tutorial for iOS(iPhone&iPad)

Tutorial for android

How to add app icons to your home screen

Tutorial for iOS(iPhone&iPad)

To add app icons to your iOS home screen, you have 2 ways to customize app icons.

  1. Setting icons by using configuration profile installation allows you to install famous app icons to your home screen automatically.(Not all apps are applicable.)
  2. Setting icons by using “Shortcut” app allows you to install app icons one by one.(All apps are applicable)

Here’s all the tutorial for add app icons to your home screen.

Tutorial for android

FAQ for home screen customization



If you have any questions after reading this article...

"I followed the instructions in the article, but I can't set it up! I don't know how to use it!" etc., please try the following 🙇‍♀️🤍 We will help you to set it up till the end!

1.📕Check out the WidgetClub usage guide!

2.👂Ask WidgetClub's customer support!

If you encounter something you don't understand in the usage guide, feel free to ask WidgetClub's customer support!

(Because of the two-person operation, we usually reply within 2-3 days )

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Ultimate tutorial for how-to-use WidgetClub
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