[iOS]How to create Theme?


You need a dedicated app to customize your home screen in style! This is the definitive version of the dress-up app that has all the dress-up materials!

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Q. What exactly is theme?

Theme is a set of widgets, icons, and wallpapers in an all-in package for customizing your home screen!

By creating and posting a theme, you can share your set for customizing your home screen with other WidgetClub users, friends, family and partners 😘.

You can create and post themes to share with other WidgetClub users, friends, family and partners.You can create a matching home screen for your friends, partners or family.You can share your illustrations and creations with the WidgetClub's global audience.

How to Create Themes on WidgetClub?

1. Tap the + button on the toolbar at the bottom of the home screen and select "Theme"

2. You will be taken to the following screen, please set each background, icon pack, and widget.

3.When you've made all the combinations, go to "next" & see a preview, and when you're satisfied, post it!

Tip 1: Enter a title or tag to make it easier for other WidgetClub users to find your design 👶💓

Tip 2: You can change the visibility setting.

  • everyone: If you want to make your design visible to all WidgetClub users, you can set the invitation code to "Public". In this case, you can use the invitation code as a URL if you want to share a particular post on WidgetClub with your friends.

  • "Invitation Only ": You can share an invitation code with a limited number of people and ask them to enter it on WidgetClub to access the post. As long as the invitation code is not leaked, other WidgetClub users will not be able to access it.

  • "Only me ": Only you can view the post. Almost like a draft!

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