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Q. What is an icon pack?

An icon pack is a package of aesthetic app icons including instagram, phone, mail, snapchat and so on!

Q. What are the benefits of using an icon pack?

When you make it an icon pack, you can add all the famous icons to your home screen at once if they're icons you've made!It's convenient because you don't have to use shortcut apps to set up app icons and apps one by one.

Q. What kind of icons can I create with WidgetClub?

With the WidgetClub app, you can relate an app to a photo, or illustration.The WidgetClub app allows you to relate an app to a photo or illustration, and easily customize famous app icon design which WidgetClub has provided beforehand with the image colors and background colors.Here is an example of an app icon that I made with the WidgetClub app.

How to create Icon pack?

1. click the "+" button on the home screen and select "Icon Set"

2.You will be taken to the following screen. If you already have an image you want to use as an icon, select "Add Image" from the menu below, or if you want to create an original icon from scratch, select "Custom"!

3-1. If you want to add an image from "Add Image"  3-1-a. When you tap "Add Image", the following options will be displayed. Tap "Select from Library" to add an image stored in the camera roll.

3-1-b. Tap Select from Library, and select the image you want to use as an app icon. You can even select multiple images!

3-1-c. After selecting, each image will be aligned on the left side. Tap the + button on the right side of the image to select the icon of the app you want to change.

3-2. If you want to make an original one  3-2-a. Tap "Customize" to go to the icon customization screen as shown below.

#1 image of [iOS]How to create App icon pack

3-2-b. You can change the icon size, icon mark (tap the + button on the left to see more options), background image, background color, and main color.

For example, here's an example I made by reducing the icon size, changing the icon to "amazon", setting the background image (if you set the background image, the background color will be ignored), and changing the main color to light blue.

#2 image of [iOS]How to create App icon pack

4. After you add the image you want to use as an icon, you will see the image on the left side and the + button on the right side, and you can select the application you want to relate it to

#3 image of [iOS]How to create App icon pack

If you have selected a specific application icon in "Customize", the application icon will be automatically tied to it.

5. Tap the + button on the right to display the app search screen.The default display allows you to select apps such as safari that are not displayed in the app store, etc.

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6. If you want to relate an app in App Store (such as LINE), enter a search keyword and run a search to see it.

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On the other hand, if you put in a keyword search for safari or other apps not found in the App store, they will not appear in the search!

If you want to select safari, etc., please tap the + button and select it from the app candidates displayed without keyword search.

7. When you select an app, the selected app will be added to the right side and you can change app icon from right app to left image"!

#6 image of [iOS]How to create App icon pack

8. If you want to change the relation of the app, tap the app on the right that has already been selected and select it again, or tap the image on the left to display the icon editing screen

#7 image of [iOS]How to create App icon pack

In the "Edit Icon" screen, you can do the following!

  • Trim the app icon image

  • Edit the text (app name) to be displayed on the icon when an app icon is added to the home screen.

  • Removing strings of specified apps

  • Deleting the registration of the app icon image itself

9. Once the settings are complete, click the "Next" button in the upper right corner to move to the share screen, which will take you to the following screen

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You can publish the icon set you have created to the entire WidgetClub, or share it with your friends, partners and family.

Depending on the purpose of your post, you can edit the following settings!

  • Title

  • Tag

  • Public setting range (you can choose from Public, Invite only, and Only me)

  • Fee setting (*Only available for certified creators. (Coming soon)

  • Free to redistribute (You can choose whether or not to allow others to modify or contribute to the icon set you have created.)

10. Tap the Post button to post!

By tapping the Post button, you can share the icons you have created depending on your public settings.If the person you want to share with has downloaded Widgetclub, you can also share your design with them via URL or invitation code.If you become one of WidgetClub's top creators, you will be able to sell your designs on WidgetClub, so be sure to show them off!

11. You can create your own icon sets.

You can also use your icon sets to add them to your home screen.In this case, please select the icon set you want to set from My Collection or My Page, and tap "Set" to set it!

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