Guide to Using the Music Widget


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We've compiled frequently asked questions about the music widget 🙇‍♀️

Please note it's still in beta, so there might be some areas that are not user-friendly. We will continue to improve. Thank you for your understanding 🙇‍♀️

Who Can Use the Music Widget

The following individuals can use the music widget:

  • Those who have updated to iOS 17

  • Members of the WidgetClub premium plan

  • Those who have data when they tap the "Library" button in Apple Music (either subscribed to Apple Music, have previously purchased music on Apple Music, or have transferred music data to their iPhone from a computer or other sources).

How to Use the Music Widget (After Installation)

1.Tap on the widget's play button.

2.While music should generally start playing by default, if it doesn’t, open Apple Music.

3.Open the "Library" in Apple Music and play a song.

4.Then, tap the widget's frame to refresh it.

5.The cover art and title of the song currently playing will be displayed.

You can change the song being played using the widget’s “Skip” and “Play” buttons!

Basic Functions of the Installed Widget

The widget's function varies depending on where you tap.

Play/Pause Button: Starts or stops song playback.
Back/Skip Button: Replays the song from the beginning or plays the previous or next song in the playlist.
Red Area: Tapping this will take you to the playlist page within WidgetClub, where you can play a different playlist.
Blue Area: Tapping this allows you to update the widget's information.

For example, if the song currently playing and the widget's display differ, tapping this will forcibly update the widget's information.

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Points to Note

Due to Apple widget limitations, data may not be updated in real time in the following situations:

If you change the song directly in Apple Music and not via the widget, the widget might not reflect the change immediately.

In such cases, tap the blue area of the widget to prompt an update.

(For Small size widgets which don't have a blue area, try tapping the play button multiple times.)

What is a Playlist?

A playlist allows you to search for and play different playlists within WidgetClub without opening Apple Music.

For instance, tapping the aforementioned "Red Area" will take you to the playlist page, where you can search and play different playlists or artists.

You can favorite playlists you listen to frequently by pressing the "♡" button.

After adding the widget, I got a message saying "Please check Apple's agreement." What should I do?

Please check the following 🙇‍♀️:

Launch the Apple Music app and confirm whether you're subscribed to Apple Music or if you have downloaded data.