How to transfer data when you update the smartphone model


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If you have changed your device model and wish to transfer the My Collection data and purchase data of the old device to the new device, you can transfer the data by following the steps below.


- Old device you used before

- New device

- Gmail or Apple ID

Migration procedure

1. open WidgetClub on your old device with an internet connection such as Wi-Fi.

2. Tap "Profile" > "Settings⚙" button and tap "Login".

3. You will be asked to login with your Google Account or Apple ID.

(If you are changing from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone, please select Google Account)

4.Next, open WidgetClub on your new device.

5. Tap "Profile" > "Settings⚙" button and tap "Login". 4.

6. log in with the same account that you logged in with earlier in STEP 6

7. you can now see the data from your old device on your new device!

If you want to restore Premium Plan status

If you are on a Premium Plan, tap "Restore Purchase" on the "Settings" screen to restore your Premium membership status.