FAQ for widget setting


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Basic Widget Setting Method

What should I do if WidgetClub doesn't appear in the search when I try to add a widget?

This occurs when the WidgetClub app is not recognized by your iPhone. Try turning off your iPhone and restarting it to fix the issue.

How to Specify an App to Open When Tapping a Widget

Setting this up is easy! Just specify the app in the widget settings box that appears when you tap the widget's settings button! The following article explains the setup method in detail, complete with images.

What are the uses of specifying an app to open when tapping a widget?

  • Set it so that when you tap a calendar widget, the calendar app opens, allowing you to set your schedule in more detail!

  • Set it so that when you tap a photo widget of your favorite person, their YouTube opens!

(Choose "Open URL" and specify the URL of YouTube, and it will open! 🙆)

How to Add Tasks to the Reminder Widget

The reminder widget fetches tasks from Apple's native "Reminders" app. Therefore, if you want to add tasks or tap to achieve them in the reminder widget, please manage your reminders using Apple's native Reminders app.

The data does not appear even when I add data to the reminder

1. Try updating the widget

If the data does not appear after registering a reminder, try "Updating all widgets at once" on the WidgetClub settings screen!

2. Check if the reminder's permission is allowed

If the above does not work, the reminder's permission may not have been allowed.

  1. Go to "Profile" > tap the setting button "⚙" in the upper right corner to go to the settings screen

  2. Tap "Permission for Reminders" and tap "OK" in the reminder permission popup

Please try this.

If the Widget does not Update / Reflect

Due to Apple's limitations, the number of widget updates possible in a day is strictly limited to 40-70 times, and sometimes it may not reflect accurately. Therefore, if you exceed the limit for widget updates, there may be delays in widget updates even if the setting is successful. Please understand.

How to deal with delays in updates

1. Try "Updating all widgets at once" on the WidgetClub settings screen

2. If the number of updates is limited, try the following

  • Remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen

  • Stop setting the widget and reset it after 24 hours

Weather Widget Does Not Display / Location Information Cannot Be Obtained

Prerequisite; The weather widget is available only during the premium membership period.

If the weather widget does not display weather because it cannot obtain the weather's location information, or if the location is different, you will need to check the following four points.

・Check if you are a premium member of WidgetClub

・Check if WidgetClub is allowed to get location information

・Update location information to correct the location being obtained

・If only the temperature is strange, reconsider the setting of Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (°F)

### 4. If the temperature is the only strange thing, check how to change the unit of temperature!

If the weather information is displayed, but problems such as a temperature difference of more than 50 degrees occur, the units of temperature may be different. Please check the following article for how to set the unit of temperature.

Widget's Schedule or Reminder Does Not Display

We will tell you how to deal with it when the widget's schedule or reminder does not display.

Where do the schedule and reminder get the data to display?

At WidgetClub, we retrieve and display information in Apple's Calendar app and Reminders app. If the calendar or reminder information is not displayed even though it is there, you may not be allowing WidgetClub to retrieve data, so please set the permission from below.

How to set

  1. Go to "Profile" in the lower menu > Tap the settings button (⚙ button) in the upper right to move to the settings page

  2. Tap "Permission for Reminders" and "Permission for Schedule" in the "Widget Settings" section of the orange frame in the image below

  3. A pop-up will appear asking for permission for reminders/schedules, so please allow it!

Can I remove the "WidgetClub" text displayed at the bottom of the widget?

The text "WidgetClub" displayed at the bottom of the iOS WidgetClub widget cannot be removed🙇‍♀️ It is currently defined by the rules from Apple, and if we ignore the rules, the app itself may be banned. We understand that there are many requests, so we will implement it if Apple abolishes the above rule.

The Clock Widget Does Not Reflect Real Time

The font of the digital clock may not be a real-time compatible font, please change the font.

Due to Apple's specification restrictions, there are only limited fonts that can update the time in real time😭 As a countermeasure, please go to the widget editing screen, select the button "Real-time only" in the font row (blue state), and choose a real-time compatible font from the list of fonts.

Battery Widget's Remaining Amount Differs from Actual / Not Reflected

Actually, due to Apple's specification restrictions, the widget's update frequency is limited, so even if WidgetClub requests to reflect the change in the remaining battery level, Apple may ignore it🙇‍♀️ There is currently no solution, but we are constantly collecting the latest information and improving to be able to solve it😭 We are always exploring other methods with the aim of creating the most user-friendly app, so please continue to support WidgetClub!

The Widget I Set Up Does Not Display

Pattern 1. If the widget does not display on the screen where you tap the blue "Add Widget" button to set up the iPhone widget

  1. If the widget you have set up is a large widget, it might be hidden on the right, so try moving to the right!

Since they are lined up with 20 Small size, 20 Medium size, and 20 Large size widgets from the left, if you set up the widget in the #3 of the Large size, it will be displayed in the 43rd frame from the left! (We wanted you to enjoy it and provided 20 frames for each, but it might be making it harder to use, sorry😭)

2. The widget update frequency is controlled by Apple, and you might be hitting the update limit! Please try again after some time!

When you hit the limit, the widget may not be updated and may not be displayed. In that case, you might want to add the size and location number of the widget you set up, or try again after some time!

3. If you still can't set it up after trying the above, please contact us from the "Contact Form" in the "⚙Settings" of the WidgetClub app.