How to use Invitation code?


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WidgetClub provides you to share your posts including your original widgets, templates, app icon pack on social media and with your friends!When you post your original designs on WidgetClub, you can choose to share it with everyone in WidgetClub, only with close friends who knows "invitation code", or not to show it with everyone.

But what exactly is an "invitation code"?In this article, I'll introduce you to the convenient "Invitation Code" function!

What is an Invitation Code?

An invitation code is literally a secret code that you can share a post with only a limited number of people you want to share your post with.

You can use them in situations like this!

  • I don't want to share my post with the whole world, but I want to share it with a limited number of people as a reward to your social media followers, or a campaign present.

  • I want to share your post with my close friends.

  • I want to change to a matching home screen with my friends.

How can I use an Invitation Code?

The first thing to remember is that you can only use an invitation code when the visibility setting of your post is set to "Public" or "Invitation Code".

There is a difference between the two, as mentioned below.

  • Public: The post will be visible to all users on WidgetClub. In this case, the invitation code can be used like a URL to share a particular post published in WidgetClub with your friends.

  • Invitation Code: You can share an invitation code with a limited number of people and have them enter it in WidgetClub to access the post. As long as the invitation code is not leaked, other WidgetClub users will not be able to access the post, and it will not show up on your WidgetClub profile for others to access!

Here's how to get an invitation code

  1. Tap the "..." button in the upper right corner of any post that is set to public or Invitation code mode.

  2. Tap "Share".

  3. The invitation code will be displayed, so copy it.

  4. Share the invitation code or URL to the person you want to share this post with. Note that if you want them to use your design on their home screen, they will need to download the WidgetClub app.(We don't have an app for android, so you can't share with android users.)

What should I do after I receive the invitation code?

  1. When you receive the invitation code, first make sure you have the WidgetClub app downloaded!

  2. After downloading, open "Collection" on toolbar menu.

  3. Tap the gift symbol in the upper right corner.

  4. It's done! The shared post will be displayed, and you'll be able to set that design on your home screen!