[Android]How to upload font to WidgetClub?


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Please note:Please use the font upload feature at your own risk!

In some widgets, we replaced the similar fonts because some fonts in some widgets are not permitted to use for commercial use.If you want to change the font, please follow the guide below.

  1. Tap "+" button

  2. Tap "Search "xxx" font"

  3. Your browser will be opened, and show search result of the font.

  4. Download the font what you really want to apply.(You can use ZIP, OTF, TTF) Be careful not to let your smartphone become infected with a virus & some fonts require a fee

  5. Tap "" upload the font" button and select the files that you downloaded at step 4.

  6. If your font is uploaded properly, font will be shown on the left most of the font list.