[Android] How to set up after purchasing in the SHOP


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Let me introduce you to the steps for setting up after purchasing on the WidgetClub Shop.

1.Check your email and copy the serial code

After payment is completed, you will receive an email from WidgetClub (

) at the email address you entered during payment.

Copy the serial code listed in the email.

2.(If not yet downloaded) Download the WidgetClub app

From the download page below, download the WidgetClub app.

3.Enter the invitation code

First, open the WidgetClub app, tap the '🎁 (Invitation code)' button at the top right, enter the serial code you copied earlier, and tap the 'Confirm' button.

4.Select the item you want to set

From the items you want to purchase, select the item you want to set. The setup method differs for each item, so please check the following for detailed setup methods.